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In general, an auto engine life is 200,000miles in case you maintain it properly as per the recommendations given by the engine manufacturer. However, after the engine Lifecycle comes to an end, auto owners think of restricted choices like buying new auto or replacing failed engine parts to retain it. There are plenty of other alternatives that are many times neglected by auto owners. These alternatives include used engine, rebuilt and remanufactured engines etc. One such alternative is crate engine. Instead of spending huge amounts on new engines, crate engine turns to be more beneficial and cost effective alternative. Crate engine performance also proves to be compatible with the new engine parts. If you want to know about crate engine and parts, you are right here with the leading store Crate Engine For Sale to get details about it.
crate engine for sale - crate engine and transmission
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Crate Engine For Sale - crate engine and transmission

Crate Engine For Sale - diesel crate engine
Many buyers debate on rebuilt or remanufactured engines, but crate engines provide the superior alternative to replace the engine. What is a crate engine? These are replacement engines which are complete with most of the new parts packed in wooden crates. Naturally, quality of crate engines is superior than remanufactured or rebuilt engines. So, you can expect crate engine performance equivalent to the new engine. Here are some facts or details about crate engines –
  • Crate engines can be standard or high performance engines. You can buy diesel crate engine / gasoline crate engine according to your requirements and budget.
  • These engines are complete / ready engines which you can just install with the auto and go out.
  • You can also opt to retain existing water pump, fuel system, alternator to order customized/ partially build crate engine.
  • Crate engines are available in a wide range of horsepower capacities up to 500HP or more.
Crate engine and transmission parts are a good alternative for substitution or upgrading the vehicle. Naturally, one has to pay higher for crate engines than rebuilt or remanufactured ones.

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